Any order made to the company Moving Prestige entails the acceptance of all the terms and conditions of sale (hereinafter), which form an integral part of the transport contract signed between the company Moving Prestige and its client. Any modification proposed by one of the parties can be accepted after written agreement by both parties. The company agrees to respect the times and places of care that were agreed at the time of booking.


Our prices are fixed and known in advance and are not adjustable according to road traffic. Our prices are in euros and all taxes included. The prices indicated include the vehicle, the chauffeur service, the insurance for the people transported, the fuel, as well as the tolls and car parks. The entries on sites, the restaurants and all additional services remain the responsibility of the customer.

The price communicated corresponds to a price per vehicle, regardless of the number of persons, maximum 6 for the Mercedes Viano, Class V. The amount of luggage transported is limited by the capacity of the vehicle, subject of prior information to the customer.

For the service of the provision, the time is counted from the time of reservation. The carrier is in no way responsible for damages caused by the density of road traffic. This article is also valid for wedding packages. Our prices are subject to a 10% VAT for passenger transport services.


For any reservation, we will send you a contract corresponding to the elements provided. This contract must be returned to us, by post or electronically, dated, signed and must contain the words “Good for agreement to perform the transport”. The firm booking of the vehicle will be taken into account only upon receipt of the said estimate and a deposit of 30% indicated on the estimate. The balance of the estimate must be paid in full before taking care of customers. Payment: We accept payments by bank transfer, check, and cash.

Changes during service: the vehicle is rented for a well-defined service, it will be imperative to prevent the Moving Prestige Company as soon as possible, any changes to prepare the best transport and ensure the smooth running of the service.

Any modification of the journey by the customer during the service may result in surcharges to be paid to third parties or refund to the driver at the end of the service. In case of modification of the route or its duration due to the client, the driver will note them on his mission order and have them signed by the client. In the event of a change in the duration due to the sole initiative of the client, the costs incurred will be borne by the latter.

Last minute changes could be jeopardized if they disturb the daily organization of the Moving Prestige Company, so except for exceptional circumstances, we will not make any other journey than that which has been agreed.


All vehicles are non-smoking, the driver can take breaks at the request of the customer.

We demand the respect of the material, any degradation of the interior or exterior equipment of the vehicles will be charged.

The wearing of the belt is mandatory. It is forbidden to head outside while driving. The driver reserves the right to condemn the windows. The luggage or any other property of the customer remain under his responsibility. Moving Prestige Company cannot be held responsible for theft of valuables and luggage left in the vehicle. For reasons of safety and respect of the vehicle, only the driver is able to open and close the doors.

The client agrees: to maintain a correct attitude, do not consume drugs, do not get drunk. Animals are prohibited on board vehicles.


The vehicle and the driver will be equipped with the necessary documents for the smooth running of the entire service. The principal and the passengers are obliged to comply with the regulations applicable to the persons and their baggage in the country crossed.

The driver must respect the road regulations in force. Under no circumstances may the customer require the driver to exceed the authorized speed limit or to commit traffic violations.

The driver reserves the right to interrupt the current service if the behaviour of the customers or their close entourage jeopardizes the safety of the driver or the rented vehicle, if they commit an offense, or if they have an insulting behaviour vis-à-vis the driver. No refund can be required.


Any reservation cancelled within 3 days (72 hours) preceding the pick-up time as defined in the quotation accepted by the customer, will be invoiced at the rate of 50% of the amount of the estimate. Any reservation cancelled within 24 hours preceding the pick-up time as defined by the quotation accepted by the customer, will be billed at the rate of 100% of the amount of the estimate. The non-presentation of the persons to be transported to the appointment (address and time) of care fixed by the client cannot constitute a case of cancellation of the contract giving right to the payment of the planned service and of any damages or disbursements suffered

/ incurred by the company.

Moving Prestige reserves the right to cancel the service until the day of departure in case of force majeure – the deposit being returned.

From the perspective that we could not make available the vehicle provided in the initial contract, the deposit will be fully refunded, unless both parties agree on the availability of another vehicle.

In case of breakdown during the service rendering the vehicle unavailable, the amount of the benefit will be calculated in proportion to the time spent, without recourse or compensation for the damage caused.

We reserve the right to cancel the service in case of force majeure if the weather conditions may endanger the safety of passengers.


The company Moving Prestige can in no way be held responsible for delays in transport times due to circumstances beyond its control: road barred, structure of art prohibited to traffic, bypass, flooded road, traffic jams, interventions on the road of the public forces (police, customs, firemen, etc …).

In case of immobilisation of the vehicle during the journey due to a mechanical failure, an accident or damage (degradation, theft), the company Moving Prestige will strive to ensure the continuity of the journey, either with one of its vehicles , or with a vehicle chartered to another company and agrees to warn the client. If the company Moving Prestige finds no solution for the replacement of the vehicle during the service rendering unavailable the vehicle, the amount of the benefit will be calculated in proportion to time spent, without recourse or compensation for the injury caused.

In case of dispute, only the Commercial Court of Bourg en Bresse will be competent.

Any complaint is admissible only within 8 days after the end of the execution of the transport service concerned.

The company Moving Prestige reserves the right to use the photographs taken during the services for promotional purposes.